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The Last Will and Testament of Henry T. D. Le Vesconte

The last Will and Testament of Henry Le Vesconte, as recorded by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PROB 11/2194/191).

Direct Transcription

Her Majestys Ship Erebus at Greenhithe
May 15th 1845

I Henry Thomas Dundas le Vesconte Lieutenant in the Royal Navy being about to proceed on a Voyage of Discovery in the Polar Seas and desirous to dispose of what property I may be possessed of in the event of my death do make this my solemn Will and Testament First I give to my very dear friend and cousin Henrietta Le Feuvre of Southampton the sum of one hundred pounds sterling to be paid out of any wages due to me for service in Her Majesty’s Navy The rest of my property I leave to my beloved Father Henry Le Vesconte Commander in the Royal Navy or if he should die before me to my mother Sarah Le Vesconte wife of the above named Commander Henry Le Vesconte and if neither of them shall survive me I bequeath  all my property excepting one hundred pounds before mentioned to my dear sisters to be divided in the following manner To Rose Henrietta Le Vesconte one half To Charlotte Sarah Le Vesconte and To Anna Maria Le Vesconte the remaining half to be equally divided between them Lastly I name my dear friend and cousin Edward Philip Le Feuvre of the Custom House London to be my Executor and I desire him to accept a small Tin japanned Box now in his possession with its contents T. D. Le Vesconte Witnessed J. W. Fairholme Lieut: R.N. _ J. Weeks Carpenter. _

Proved at London the 11th July 1854 before the Worshipful Thomas Spinks Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oath of Edward Philip Le Feuvre the sole Exōr  to whom Admōn was granted having been first sworn duly to administer. _