Terms of Use

Blog Posts

Blog posts cannot be copied in any way onto other sites without citing the post itself, whether by footnote or link. Please do not pretend any content is your own, but instead quote or summarize with reference.

Republished Sources

Or: sources which have been published on Arctonauts after they have been published before elsewhere. These can be shared freely, though crediting Arctonauts would be welcome. For republished sources where Arctonauts has resolved missing words/names/etc, credit is a must if quoting those sections.

Current republished sources are:

  • Category: Published Works
  • Fitzjames, James – Published Letters (1845)
  • Anonymous Officer – Letter from the HMS Terror (1851)

Digitalized Sources

Or: sources that have not been published before and have been transcribed/digitalised by Arctonauts. These have to be credited when shared. 

Current digitalized sources are:

  • Category: Allotment Lists
  • Category: Letters to the Hydrographer
  • Category: Muster Books
  • Category: Wills & Testaments
  • Gore, Graham – Letters to Family (1839; 1842)