Service Records

Pre-Lieutenant’s Examination Service Records

These Service Records are the records made up when potential future Lieutenants take their exam as a midshipman. Sometimes the record will continue beyond the examination, but almost never includes any information about the officer during his time as a “mate” (or passed midshipman). Not every officer has one of these, they were mostly kept when midshipmen took their exams in England.

They can be found in The National Archives (UK) ADM 107 (“Lieutenants’ Certificates of Service”), current publications below being from /74 (1817-1834) and /75 (1834-1848).

About the Publications

  • Dates have mostly been standardised.
  • Columns taken from original source.
  • Square brackets “[…]” indicate that I’m unsure of the transcription.
  • Despite being tables, there’s a lot of freehand writing involved, which has been kept in its correct place as much as possible.

Terms of Use

  • Due to the nature of the transcriptions and their formatting, they are to be credited to Arctonauts when used or referenced. Copying an entire table or its entire content is not allowed even when credit is provided.

Couch, Edward

Des Voeux, Charles Frederick

Fairholme, James Walter

Fitzjames, James

Gore, Graham

Hodgson, George Henry

Hornby, Frederick

Le Vesconte, Henry Thomas Dundas

Little, Edward

Thomas, Robert

Officers’ Service Records

A Work in Progress! Coming soon as an at least not-transcribed list of officers in the 19th century.