Works published in the past that are now in the public domain and are related to polar exploration or polar explorers. These are faithful transcriptions and will not contain footnotes by the transcriber/editor unless explicitly stated otherwise. Some of these may be found in other categories on the site.

A Note on Narratives

As this category tries to collect publications that might be less easy to find and/or are stuck in larger bodies of work, this section won’t contain any explorer’s narratives for now. If you want to find these please go to the page on British Narratives.

Davis, John Edward – A Letter from the Antarctic

“By Captain J. E. Davis, R.N. / Formerly Second Master of H.M.S. ‘Terror.” Written on the Ross Expedition (1839-43), 1842. Published in 1901.

Goodsir, Harry – On the Anatomy of Forbesia

“II.—On the Anatomy of Forbesia. By H. D. S. Goodsir, M.W.S., Acting Assistant-Surgeon of H.M.S. Erebus.—(Transmitted by the Author from Disco Island, Baffins Bay, in June 1845.)” Originally published Annals of Anatomy and Physiology, conducted by John Goodsir, 1850.

Goodsir, Harry – Zoology of the Arctic

“July 7th, 1845. Whale Fish Islands, Baffin’s Bay.” Harry Goodsir’s last scientific paper-slash-letter, written on the Franklin Expedition, about the Arctic fauna and flora.