Service Record of Edward Couch

Source: The National Archives, ADM 107/75 (“Lieutenants’ certificates of service”, 1834-1848).

Ships Place where Born Age at Time of Entry Entry Quality Discharge Time Bounty
Time Cause Y M W D £ s
[Princess] Charlotte } Born in Russell
RussellLondon141837/06/23Clerk’s Assistant1839/01/16Paid Off1715
Caledonia1840/11/22Clerk’s Assistant1841/11/22Queen11
Queenfrom Shore1841/12/08Volunteer,
1st Class
1842/06/02Midshipman1843/06/30Lent to Scout111
Scout1842/07/01Midshipman1843/09/30Last Book311
Captain Couch, 1844/02/05Total11023
Formidablelent to Scout1843/10/10Midshipman1844/12/31Last Book1311
Party at Plymouth, 1845/05/05Carried to Page 516Total5813