Other Blogs & Websites

This is an overview of blogs and websites that are out there talking about historical polar exploration. This list will likely forever be a work in progress. Arctonauts does not comment on the accuracy of the listed blogs and sites, but recommends everyone use their own common sense!

If you run a blog or website, or know someone who does, and it’s not added here, feel free to contact us through the contact form, or contact Edmund via twitter.


Canadian Mysteries: Franklin Expedition

A cooperation between Parks Canada, various universities and institutes, this site contains various types of informations and some primary sources.

Cool Antarctic

The history page of Cool Antarctic, which provides a timeline for Antarctic Exploration and information on a large variety of Expeditions and their crews.


A website that documents the original research done by Alexander K. about Francis Crozier.

James Fitzjames

A website about James Fitzjames, commander on the HMS Erebus during the Franklin Expedition, run by Fabiƫnne Tetteroo.

Shackleton’s Endurance

A website about the 1914-17 Endurance Expedition under Ernest Shackleton.

The Thousandth Part

A second website about Francis Crozier with even more original research.


Building HMS Terror

A blog detailing Matthew Betts’ adventure into building an accurate scale model of the HMS Terror.

Erebus & Terror Files

A blog run by Peter Carney about his research into the Franklin Expedition.


A blog run by Alison Freebairn who has written about Robert A. Goodsir and various 1850s searches for Sir John Franklin.


A blog run by Logan Zachary that focuses on the Franklin Expedition. Subjects often concern various Franklin expedition relics and early photography on the searches.

Visions of the North

A blog run by Russell Potter that digs into the Franklin Expedition, the crew and related searches for the expedition. Attached to Arctic Book Review.


The Quest for the North Pole

Mental Floss Presents: The Quest for the North Pole is a podcast that goes through the history of Arctic exploration.

Time to Eat the Dogs

A broader podcast on history, science and exploration hosted by Michael Robinson.