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NARRATIVE OF AN EXPEDITION IN H.M.S. TERROR, undertaken with a view to Geographical Discovery on the Arctic Shores in the years 1836—7.       
By Captain Back, R.N.   
[Publisher] Murray.

Captain Back’s narrative has just made its appearance; it is both interesting and instructive; and this is saying much, when we consider the monotony of such a voyage. The perils encountered, greater perhaps than were ever experienced by any ship in the icy seas, the patient endurance of extreme toil in a cold climate, and the consummate ability of her commander in extricating his vessel will remain a lasting memorial of the high character of British Seamen.

The insuperable difficulties which he found in his way, prevented Captain Back from gaining the honour of completing our charts with the line of coast between Cape Turnagain and the estuary of the Great Fish River; but this can in no way detract from his merit; his name as a great traveller and voyager stands high, and will be handed down to posterity equal in association with his professional compeers, Parry, Franklin, and Ross, for it affords us much pleasure to inform our readers, that Her Majesty has considered that it should be in future recorded as Sir George Back.

The work is illustrated with the finest specimens of lithography we have ever seen, from drawings by Commander Smith, the late senior lieutenant of the Terror.