Gore's Family Letters

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Letters from Graham Gore to his Family, 1839; 1842

Both these letters are in the public domain according to Australian copyright law. A intent of publishing has been submitted and accepted by the National Library of Australia. The letter to Eliza Stewart is kept in the Galloway-Gore Collection belonging to the National Museum of Australia. The one to John Gore is part of the Gore Family Papers in the National Library of Australia.

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To John Gore, 1839

This letter was sent from the HMS Volage as it travelled through the mediterranean, to his father John Gore, then already residing in New South Wales. A transcription (the original does not exist anymore) can be found in the Gore-Galloway collection of the National Museum Australia, under reference 2008.0021.0027 (“Typed letter from Graham Gore to his father dated July 1839”). 

To Eliza Stewart (née Gore), 1842

This letter was written and sent from the HMS Beagle, then on its 3rd voyage, as it made a stop in Sydney. The original, and a transcription by a later family member, can be found in the “Papers of the Gore Family” at the National Library Australia, under reference code MS 7955.