Captain Back.—


We find in the Montreal Gazette, the following notice respecting the express sent to recall this officer:—

Montreal, Dec. 3.—A despatch was forwarded on Saturday evening, 30th of November, from the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Office, at Lachine, for the interior, via the Otawa river, and Sault St. Mary, for carrying into effect the directions received from land, as to acquainting Captain Back with the return of Captain Ross and his adventurous companions. We learn that this despatch is the duplicate of one of which appears to have been forwarded direct from New York to St. Mary’s by the mail, addressed to the care of the Commanding Officer of the American garrison at that place.

As the journey in winter from Sault St. Mary’s to Great Slave Lake may be accomplished by an express in two or three months at the most, we are in hopes that the despatch may find Captain Back at his expected winter quarters at the latter place, ere he commences his journey in the spring. If the duplicate despatch is, immediately on receipt, sent on from Sault St. Mary, without waiting for orders from Montreal, there is an increased probability of overtaking Captain Back, from the greater expedition that may be obtained in canoe navigation, from Sault St. Mary to Red River, at an early period of the season.