American Scientific Expedition to the Pacific—


We understand that the government of the United States is about to dispatch a surveying expedition into the Pacific Ocean, which in point of magnitude, and the liberal scale on which it has been projected, bids fair to surpass any that have gone before it to any other part of the world. The vessels composing it will consist of the U.S. frigate Macedonian, two new brigs of 250 tons, a schooner of 130 tons, and a storeship, built and fitted for the express purpose; all of which, it is stated, will be under the immediate command of Capt. Jones, an officer of the United States’ navy, who has already visited most parts of the Pacific. The principal object of the voyage will be to examine and survey the numerous reefs and islands of that great ocean lying within and near the tropics, many of them yet remaining, not only unexplored, but in some cases not even laid down on the charts. It is thus expected, from the very complete manner in which operations will be carried on, that a chart of any particular portion of the Pacific will contain every reef and island, and its approaching soundings, that should appear in it, a quality which the present charts by no means possess. It is intended, we believe, if favourable opportunities should offer during the voyage, to extend discovery towards the south-pole, and, if possible, to gain some knowledge of the regions within the Antarctic circle. A large sum has been appropriated by the American government for the equipment of this expedition, and the best constructed instruments which British, French, and German artists can produce, have been supplied. The internal arrangements of the Macedonian have been so altered in rebuilding her, as to afford ample accommodation for the several persons who will fill the various departments of science, and whose attention will be exclusively devoted to the subjects entrusted to them. The storeship will be employed to carry provisions to serve the whole expedition, and will convey them to the various rendezvous as determined on; she will also occasionally assist in the duties appertaining to the expedition. All the vessels are new, and every attention will be paid to their full and efficient equipment.