Allotment Lists

Since 1795, the Royal Navy has allowed all crew, barring commissioned officers, to pay out a part of their wages to a family member rather than collect it themselves. The wages would be paid out per month (or 28 days). A varying amount of information can be found in the lists, including possible spouses and living addresses.

All Allotment Lists that published here are part of the public domain and can be found at the English National Archives in Kew, London, under archive code ADM 27 (“Navy board, and admiralty, accountant general’s department: registers of allotments and allotment declarations”).

About the Publications

All allotments lists published here will be of ships that were part of polar expeditions. They have been transcribed and cleaned up for posting, meaning that they are not exact transcriptions from the primary sources. The following things have been changed:

  • Due to table column variations, the publication table is a mix of two tables that were found in the allotment lists of the Franklin Expedition (HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, 1845).
  • Abbreviations for names have been resolved wherever possible. Initials are occasionally exempted if the name can’t be found.
  • Dates have been changed to fit a uniform dating method, rather than transcribing them as written down.
  • Due to being tables, some text has been turned into footnotes. This is either crossed out text or overflow text that hasn’t been deemed important enough to stretch the row/column for.

Due to the nature of these publications (gigantic tables), it is recommended to view them on desktop. They have been made responsive for mobile, but only so much can be changed.

Terms of Use

Due to the nature of the transcriptions and their formatting, they are to be credited to Arctonauts when used or referenced. Copying an entire table or its entire content is not allowed even when credit is provided.

HMS Erebus (1845)

ADM 27/90/93; part of the Franklin Expedition

HMS Terror (1845)

ADM 27/90/92; part of the Franklin Expedition