Voyage of H.M.S. Cove.—


The following dates may hereafter be of use to our readers, H.M.S. Cove, Capt. James Ross, was commissioned to proceed in search of the absent whalers, on the 21st Dec., 1835, at Hull. 6th Jan. 1836, sailed from the Humber. 5th Feb. returned to Stromness, Orkneys, to refit. 24th Feb. sailed again. 31st May arrived at Holsteinberg, 13th June sailed. 15th June arrived at Whalefish Islands, 27th June sailed. 30th July arrived at Okkak-Labrador, 4th August sailed. 24th August arrived at Yarmouth. 26th Sept, paid off at Hull. An account of her voyage will be found at p. 626 of our volume for 1836.