“Monthly Gossip on Nauticals” (p. 350)

MONTHLY GOSSIP ON NAUTICALS.(…) Oh! Mr. Editor, another parting line. I had almost forgotten to tell you that the big ships are nearly all gone to Canada; and that the governor of the Hudson’s-bay country, in that part of the world, has, in a very quiet masterly manner, completed the coast line of the Arctic Ocean between points Beechey and Franklin, not far from Bhering Straits, by the enterprize of two of the Company’s servants, Messrs. Dease and Simpson. It was all along guessed by the knowing “uns,” that the discovery would turn out as it has done; but one fact is worth a thousand guesses, and these gentlemen have settled the business in a quiet masterly manner without any puffery of preparation so often rung in our ears on these occasions. This summer they are to give the Coup de grace to the whole of that affair, the coast line of the Arctic basin, on which the great bugbear of the N.W. passage has hung since the days of Cabot; and either Sir John Ross’s north-eastern extreme of America, or Captain Back’s Strait, west of the mouth of his last new river Back, must go where ——— has gone before it—it must evaporate—vanish—one or the other: and should Captain Sir John, lose his north-east extreme of America, he can console himself with his curtailed Boothia Felix. Talk of gaining laurels, Mr. Editor, why, what are those of the Duke of Wellington himself to the glory of cutting this gordian knot of the geographers? It is said, the Geographical Society are in extasies on the subject, which is not very kindhearted either, considering that one of the gallant Captains must defeat the other, Nous verrons, Au revoir, Mr. Editor, &c. 

20th April.