“Monthly Gossip” (2, p. 772-3)

MONTHLY GOSSIP.—(…) The French ships Astrolabe and Zelee, under Capt. D’Urville, have reached Conception from their attempt to penetrate to the south pole from New South Shetland. It appears they have suffered most severely from scurvy, and did not succeed in getting south of 61° S. latitude. The other expedition of the French, which was to penetrate to the north pole, while M. D’Urville reached the south, has returned equally unsuccessful, owing to the masses of ice, by which the coast of Spitzbergen was surrounded. M. Gaimard, under whose direction the expedition sailed, has returned to Paris from Hammerfest by land, having left some of his party to winter at that place, and obtain observations, intending to rejoin them in the spring, when it is hoped that another attempt will be more successful.

(…) Says your devoted Argus.