“Nautical Miscellany: Notes of the Editor” (1, p. 209)

We regret to find, that the offer of Dr. Richardson, to proceed with a small party in search of Capt. Ross, and at the same time to explore a part of the unknown coast of North America in the Polar Sea, is for the present entirely set aside. The offer of Dr. Richardson was to proceed through the country from Hudson’s Bay to Coronation Gulf, and from Cape Turnagain, the extent of his former travels, to continue to the eastward, towards the Straits of the Fury and Hecla. In this part of the coast there would be every probability of his receiving some account of Capt. Ross and his vessel, from the Esquimaux Indians, if, as the Athenæum observes, he should not have already passed through Bhering’s Strait.