Blanky, Thomas to Esther Blanky (12/Jul/1845)

Arctonauts note. This letter was published as a part of a larger newspaper article on the search for Sir John Franklin, which was still on-going in 1852. The whereabouts of the original are currently unknown, which is why I’ve elected to just publish this published excerpt.

The excerpt was taken from The Living Age (No. 470, 21/May/1853), with formatting kept as it was in the original publication, though additions by the editor were removed.

We are all in good health and spirits, one and all appearing to be of the same determination, that is, to persevere in making a passage to the north-west. Should we not be at home in the fall of 1848, or early in the spring of 1849, you may anticipate that we have made the passage, or are likely to do so; and if so, it may be from five to six years—it might be into the seventh—ere we return; and should it be so, do not allow any person to dishearten you on the length of our absence, but look forward with hope, that Providence will at length of time restore us safely to you.