Anonymous (HMS Erebus), 8/Jul/1845

Arctonauts note. This excerpt of a letter is part of a bigger article published in 1845 about the ongoing proceedings of the Franklin Expedition which had left earlier that year. The author is unidentified beyond him being part of the crew of HMS Erebus.

This excerpt is taken from The Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, 11/Aug/1845. It was dated July 8th, 1845, written at the Whale Fish Islands.

We are discharging the transport as quickly as possible, for the season is far advanced and we are in a great hurry to get up the country; but we have plenty of time yet if the weather keeps fine. We calculate on being absent two years and a-half at most, unless we get through into the Southern Ocean, when it may be three or four years before we return. We are all well, and I am very happy. We have the best treatment, and one of the best of captains, and a good set of officers throughout. The Barretto junior, the transport ship, sails the day after to-morrow (July 10) on her return. The natives are civilised, and as shrewd at making a bargain as you or I would be in any transactions at home.