Arctonauts 2.0 is Here

If you opened this post, you’ve probably already noticed that Arctonauts no longer looks how it used to. Welcome to Arctonauts 2.0!

The reason is very simple: Arctonauts 1.0 just created too much work per source, especially taking into account future sources I’ve been eyeing. So: we simplified. Literally. I’m sorry to all of you who adored all the Fitzjames letters on one page, but setting that standard for all “multiple letters” publications would simply make me miserable. They’re chopped in three now, with an overview page! Similar thing happened to Goodsir’s Forbesia and the new look works (somehow) even for upcoming, larger sources!

Below there’s a quick overview of what has changed, but overall, I hope these make Arctonauts a little easier to access and a little easier to maintain as it grows! More sources upcoming very soon.

What has changed?

A new domain name. People with keen eyes may have spied already that we’re currently on not as we used to be. Very simple: after an issue surrounding the .com extension, I used .rip as a placeholder (and also because it was kind of funny). The one I’ve always wanted is now back, and we’ve changed! Don’t worry about hurrying to change your links everywhere: .rip will redirect you until early 2022.

In case you do wish to change:

  • The Fitzjames letters are now at
  • The Forbesia publication is at

Mobile first! Minor spying on the visitors told me about 65-70% of you visit Arctonauts on a phone. This layout is aimed to look best on mobile, wherever possible. In case you’re worried about the spying: no need, I just use it right now to make sure my hosting is strong enough.

More fine tuning towards accessibility, on a variety of fronts, but also mostly detail work.

Terms of Use and contact pages now exist, whilst the about page has been updated. Please don’t be scared of the ToU page, it’s typical copyright-related stuff that has to be put down somewhere.