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James Fitzjames to William Coningham (1845)

Whale-fish Islands, 11th July, 1845.

Dear Coningham.—Elizabeth’s1 bundle of yarns will show you that I am well and happy, and have not forgotten you yet. I have not much time, as the transport sails to-morrow evening, and we shall be all day at work. It was a heavy job clearing the transport, and took us longer than we imagined it would have done, though we worked from four till six. We are now full—very—having three years’ provisions and coals, besides the engine. The deck is covered with coals and casks, leaving a small passage fore and aft, and we are very deep in the water. We sail, If possible, to-morrow night, and hope to get to Lancaster Sound by the 1st of August, which, however, is a lottery. It is now eleven o’clock, and the sun shines brightly above the snowy peaks of Disco. From the top of one of the islands, the other day, I counted 280 icebergs; and beautiful objects they are. Should you hear nothing till next June, send a letter, via Petersburg, to Petro Paulowski, in Kamskatka, where Osmar was in the Blossom, and had letters from England in three months. And now God bless you, and everything belonging to you.

I am, &c.,

To William Coningham, Esq.

  1. Elizabeth was retracted to ‘E’ in the original publication.