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Letters to the Hydrographer

UPDATED: 28/MAR/2022! Letters sent between 1848 and 1854 to the Hydrographer of the Navy, Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, about the searches for Sir John Franklin.

The Muster Books of the Franklin Expedition

The last known muster books from the the Franklin Expedition (1845-54), kept at the National Archives in London.

A Letter from the Antarctic by John Edward Davis (1842)

Published for private circulation in 1901, this letter was sent from J. E. Davis, 2nd Master of the HMS Terror during the Ross Expedition (1839-42) to his sister Emily Davis.

Recent Blog Posts

May I Not Ask This of You? Correspondence of Lady Franklin and Admiral Beaufort.

Examining three letters written by Jane, Lady Franklin to Sir Francis Beaufort, this post explores the network of correspondence built by Lady Franklin in the effort to rescue her husband Sir John. Includes descriptions of some lesser-studied individuals who contributed to Lady Franklin’s quest to discover the fate of her husband’s last expedition including several Americans who answered her call for international aid.

A Look at the Will of Sir John Franklin

As Sir John’s will is long, full of terminology and (non-)existent people, we take a look at it to see what it actually all means.

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